Melinda Boundy Design is a boutique firm with a combined industry experience of 30 plus years.
When a Client comes to us, they come seeking to capture the essence of what it means to live beautifully in Our Sub Tropical climate.

Our approach to any project is to consider our client, their lifestyle, their expectations and their need for originality and a beautiful living experience.

Our clientele are sophisticated, worldly, global travellers who understand refined luxury. Having travelled all over the world they seek the effortlessly relaxed elegance of the places that have inspired them, but with an unpretentious luxury that is needed to work in harmony with our Climate.

Our ability to translate that global, first class elegance into a more effortless and relaxed space ensures a sublime visual and lifestyle experience.

We understand intrinsically that our light, our weather, our Al Fresco lifestyle, our proximity to stunning beaches and our balmy breezes dictates a special nuance when creating Interiors here.

We believe a beautifully executed space has layers and an eclectic mix of elements. A space not “Done” or any piece that is common place.

All our work starts from a place of newness and every project is different. There are components that we will always use and that is the mix of natural elements that help to ground a space and add visual beauty…but that is translated uniquely through every project.